Random Musings

May 2016

I cannot believe it is already May. Since I last posted, we spent a long weekend in mid-April helping my sister and brother-in-law in Florida celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. I celebrated yet another birthday (May 1), and the day after my birthday our foster daughter, who became a member of our family more than 40 years ago, passed away. She would have been 56 June 9th. She left two grown sons, the eldest of which has three babies of his own, and a 15-year-old daughter. Fortunately, her daughter will be in the good and caring hands of Jane's (twice) ex-husband. They loved each other but could not live together. She will be missed.

March 2016

Spring has sprung! The weather is beautiful and I'm still inside watching NCAA Tournament Basketball!

February 2016

Super Bowl 50 is in the record books and I was so happy that the Broncos won. I hope that Peyton will now retire and do something less hazardous.

It's been pretty cold and a bit snowy here in Middle Tennessee the last couple weeks. Middle Tennessee State University even closed twice. The one inch of snow here is more crippling than the one to two feet of snow that falls in the Denver area. I can deal with the one inch better than I could the one to two feet!

January 2016

Well, it's official. The second snow day at MTSU this week. It's nasty outside and I'm glad I don't have to go out. Maybe I can make a little headway on "projects" during this off time.

January 2016

It's hard to believe that we've already celebrated the holiday season and are well into 2016. Middle Tennessee has enjoyed a milder than usual winter up until this week. Now it's officially winter! Maybe now I will find time to get working on photos and do a better job of keeping up with this website. We can always hope!

October 2015

This month marks Gary and I being settled again. In July, we moved back to Tennessee. Our wonderful grandson is now almost four and ready to start preschool. In June, our daughter left her job and is now staying at home with Connor and working on building her jewelry business while doing some contract work for a friend. That meant we are no longer needed to take care of Connor.

MTSU welcomed me back to a nice on-campus job. I only work about 15 hours a week for Creative and Visual Services, although my desk is in the Printing Services building. I do a little quality control for Printing Services and some editing for C&VS. I get to do work I enjoy while hanging out with really nice people.

We found a cute little apartment here in Murfreesboro that is easy to keep up and there is no yard work, maintenance, or upkeep. When Gary has a yen for mowing lawn, he just goes to our son's house and cuts that grass.

Last week we celebrated our 49th wedding anniversary. All in all, life is good. These days, when I'm not working, I'm going through 50+ years of photographs and documents. What I don't throw away or give away, I am scanning to digital files. I also have photographs that were my mother's and my grandmother's. It is a BIG job but now I have the time to do it. Another project I'm working on is converting about 500 vinyl albums to digital. When done, I will sell the viny. This last move has convinced me to continue to "lighten the load" and dispose of things in a disciplined and thoughtful manner. Maybe now I will do a better job of getting photos posted!


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